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How to use Coupons

Discount Code

Before finalizing your purchase, you may come across a field labeled “Discount Coupon,” “Discount Code,” “Promotional Code,” or a similar variation. This is where you can enter the code (e.g., AWESOME) that you have received. Typically, you will find this field on the Cart screen or the Payment screen during the checkout process. Keep in mind that in certain stores, you may need to be logged in to access this field.

No code is necessary in this scenario as the discount will be automatically applied to the site’s products. This means that the prices of the products will already be displayed at reduced values. Stores may exhibit two distinct behaviors: (A) some stores will indicate discounts on the listed product values, either by showing the original price and the reduced price (“from/by”) or simply displaying the reduced price.


At Shops-Offer, we not only provide coupons, but we also feature the best deals that stores promote on a daily basis. In these cases, our coupons may not always offer additional price reductions since the products are already significantly discounted due to these ongoing discount promotions.

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